Monday, 28 November 2011

A Very Rough Update!

Hola Family! Just for warning you this is going to be a very quick and rough blog.

Also there are dome photos on facebook under Nicaragua Album!

The team arrived 2 days ago. I didn't know what my emotions would be when they got here, but I was actually extremely excited and to my surprise felt I was ready to leave! I had prayed earlier in the week that if I was meant to go that He would make me ready and prepare my heart! And that He did! So much has been going on and I feel like I haven't has sufficient time to minister the way I want to, but absolutely feel now that I will get that opportunity to poor out the Love of God the the many people I will encounter! I never got to live with the old woman, but I did visit her often and bought her a radio so she could listen to sermons on Sundays. I have no Idea what God has in sore for me this coming season, but I definitely feel it will be to learn more so how to go with the flow! I have been very tired the past couple of days because God Woke me at 2:40am to pray so I did for the rest of the night. Then woke me up early this morning as well. We have a new member on our team joining from the Mateo 5:16 ministries named Addison. I am not sure what tomorrow will look like. Saying goodbye to all the kids. Full of lots of tears I am sure! God is good and I only want to do His will! Please continue praying for my health and the teams safety. Please also be praying for Mateo 5:16 ministries because they are not happy to see me go. They were hoping I would hear from God to stay with them and here at the ministry, but I have just not heard that yet. I am struggling with feeling a little bit of pressure because of that, but I will be having a chat with them as soon as possible! I love and Miss you all my family and Sorry if I am leaving anything out! My brain is way to scattered at the moment.

Blessings to you all! Happy Holidays. Sorry this was such a short update!

Love, Rachael Michelle

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