Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Transition.

Dear Friends and Family

I have been with my Iris group almost a week. We are still in Nicaragua because one of our Rv's is getting its transmission fixed. We should be leaving first thing Friday morning. Susie and I moved out of the La Quinta base two nights ago (Tuesday Night) because we thought we were leaving Wednesday morning. It was a very difficult night. Having to say goodbye to all the kids, my friends, my house mama, Juanita. My heart still hurts for this place. However, I know God has so much more in store and He has told me that when it is time I can have any nation I want. He is such a good Daddy.

Emerging into team life has not been the easiest. There are so many of us and so many different ideas of what needs to happen that it all gets crazy at times. Almost like a giant game of telephone. Something gets said then gets passed through the group by the time it gets to the end it is very different from the original need or idea. Costa Rica is up next Then following is Panama where we will be crossing the Panama Canal. I am not sure what God has in store. The living situation is not so bad. Very crammed, but there is grace for everything. It will only make us closer in the end. The people in the group are amazing. So many different types of people with the most amazing gifts. God truly had his hand on appointing each person in this group. Sometimes I just sit and think about where I am in the world and what I am doing and How amazing God is that He chose me for this moment. I am so humbled and honored to be His daughter.

We Lost Valued members this week Serena, Victor, and Maria. They are being called to other places for the time! I am sad they are gone, but am so proud they are following the spirit!

I had a bit of a bad yesterday, only I am not sure why. I was on a beach with amazing people bouldering on some of the sweetest boulders right next to the ocean. But a church service at the Nueva Vida (another base within Mateo 5:16. Where the team has made camp) was going on and all I could think about the whole time was how badly I wanted to be here to see all my friends. It has been a very difficult last couple of days for me. I am ready to move on but the car issues are prolonging us being here. I am not sure what God is doing. Also having the team here as been hard on the ministry because they had such high expectations for us as a team that are not in line with what God has told us to do. I tried explaining this to Lynne and Glen, but I am not sure how it was received. I also believe that is partly why God sent me here ahead of the team. So have more time to convey the heart of Iris. So the ministry would not be left calloused toward Iris. I talked to some of the team members and they say it has been happening with almost all the contacts they have meet. The contacts have there own agenda and expectations for the team and that is not what God has guided us to do. So the contacts are left with a sour taste in there mouth. Please be praying for every contact we have from now on that they understand the heart of this trip and the heart of the team. Also be praying that our team is hearing correctly and only doing where Holy spirit leads! I hope all of you are well and are having great Holiday times with your family. Don't forget about me. I am really missing my family lately. I just hope I can get to where This team is family enough so I feel more part of the group. I love you all Please keep praying. And I pray blessings 100 fold back onto you! Thank you for all your support. I love you all!

-Rachael Michelle

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