Friday, 4 November 2011

This will be very short. Not much Time.

I have arrived In Nicaragua. I am going to be here about 2-3 weeks before my team arrives. I am staying at a small base with Matthew 5:16 ministries. The base I staying at has running water and electricity. However it doesn't have anyopne who speaks English fluently. Also it has rained 24/7 for 3 weeks prior to my arrival so the roads are destroyed no cars can drive on them only a 4 wheel drive land rover can male it.
I have my own room and toilet. And God is really teaching me a lot. I wake up every morning to a sheep named Princess at my door and very loud parrots tyrying to talk. Please continue to pray as I am figuring out what God has for me and my time here. I fixed a sewing maching this morning, and am going to the market in a bit. I will try and get pictures up if I ever get internet working on my computer!
Love you all and miss you lots and lots!
Rachael Michelle

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