Monday, 7 November 2011

The First Week.

Hola! Mi Amigos and famalia!
This is the real update. I actually have more time and my computer with me! So it has almost been a week since I left you all to go Follow Jesus! My flight was fantastic! I had three section one seats to myself the entire three hour flight. I had prayed before I left for God to make divine appointments in the seats beside me, but He spoke through my mom who told me to rest! And that I did!
The ministry I am staying with until my team meets up with me is called Matthew 5:16 ministries ( Founded and lead by Glen and Lynne Schweitzer. They are the sweetest people. When I arrived I was able to sit down and have lunch with them to learn more about them and their ministry. Papa Glen is the biggest and best papa and rightly so in a nation that has been deprived of fathers! The ministry has been going through a lot of changes and is in a bit of a financial situation. So if you feel lead at all I suggest looking over their website and sewing into them anyway possible. I am meeting with them this week to pray with them about the situation and what my place here for the time is!
I was able to get a SIM card for the balckberry given to me before I left. However, my charger got mixed up with the super glue in my bag.... So please pray I am able to find one like it that I can buy.
The ministry is renting out this amazing hotel where many of the teams that come stay. However, since I am running solo for the time being I am staying at the children's base about 30 mins away. Highly less westernized, but it is how I prefer it. No mirrors and cold bucket showers.
The weather here is amazing! Not to hot or to cold, but there is always an amazing breeze! I learned it had rained for 3 weeks 24/7 prior to the day I arrived. It has not rained during the day since I got here, but the roads are so bad from the previous rain and the rain during the night that it is very difficult to get to the base where I am staying.
As I said before I am the only English speaking person at the base. Communication takes a while if at all. I often feel very lonely and the days are long, but I do get plenty of time to spend with Jesus. I have leaned how to say "can I help you" because other wise I am just sitting doing nothing. Often I can hear them talking about me, but it is so frustrating because I don't know what they are saying....
There are about 5 kids 11 and under (4 girls and one boy) and about 10 kids 15-19 years of age (6 boys and4 girls). The younger kids love me and have adapted to me very well they love to play.. a lot! However, the older kids have not warmed up to me completely, but I can see I am growing on them especially a girl named Patricia who is 16.
There is a house mama. Mama Juanita she is so great and the kids love her as if she was there real mother. I have learned a lot from her in such little time. She lets me help make supper I learned how to make real Tortillas 2 night ago.

I love this Family God has brought me into they have blessed me so much! I am going to be so sad when I have to leave them! I know in these next few weeks as I wait for my Iris team to arrive God has a lot in store! Hopefully I will be able to get out into the village beside the base and meet more people. Pray Jesus sends someone who understands English!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support! Please keep them coming! I am so blessed to of been given this opportunity and I can not wait to see what God does in my life and in yours!
Muchas Gracias!
Much Love and Many Blessings,
Rachael Michelle

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