Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Santiago and Punta Arenas. It took 4 days to get to the YWAM base in Santiago, Chile. We stayed in a Hostel on the beach an extra day along the way to celebrate Easter. Once arriving at the YWAM base we settled in and met together to worship and pray about what God wanted us to do. We felt God wanted us to stay in Chile for a little while longer so we got a contact from a team member, David, who knows a pastor of a church further in the city of Santiago. After contacting them, the church was very excited and welcomed us giving us with so much hospitality as well as the entire sanctuary of their little church for all 23 of us to sleep on. They also provided and prepared (by members of the church and the pastors family) food for us 3 times a day also letting us shower in their homes. Showing us so much love and hospitality that we hadn't experienced anywhere else before that time. We ministered with this church every night in the Church and in the streets and God showed up. God is going to use that church in a mighty way because of there openness to Holy Spirit and willingness to learn. We saw many get healed and our own hearts were postured in a completely new way to receive. As we felt Holy Spirit Move we left our knew family. Little did we know that was just the beginning of God using us to help spread revival fire to the southern regions of the world. After taking many buses, many long ferry rides, staying in many hostels in so many different cities finding God's little treasures all along the way. Seeing Him heal people on the street and Him touch there lives through us is still and will always be a huge honor. 2 weeks of traveling we finally came to a stopping point. Or so we thought. We arrive at the bus station in Rio Galleos and we have to decided where to go next. Go on to Ushuaia or make a stop in Punta Arenas. So right there in the bus station we stop, wait, and listen for what the Lord was saying. The majority felt we were to stop in Punta Arenas which meant jumping on another 8 hour bus right then, right after getting off a 10 hour over-night bus. Listening to Holy spirit as tired as we were we jumped on the bus. Finally we arrived in Punta Arenas no clue what we are doing or where we were to stay. We find a hostel in our price range with heat, hot water, and internet that was a miracle in itself. We plan to stay 2 days, with no idea what God had waiting for us right next door. Our first morning there we all sleep in and our leader Jesse hears Hillsong worship music coming from the church next door (which we didn't even recognize was a church the night before). Jesse didn't feel he was meant to go over so He told Taylor, a guy on our team. Taylor wanted to go over and just sit in the worship because up to this point we had not been in a church service we weren't leading. As Taylor was sitting there in the back row the pastor pointed him out and asked him who he was and where he was from. Taylor begins to explain he is a missionary and all about what our team is doing in south America. They call him to the front to pray for him. God gives Taylor a word for the church and he asks if he can share it and they let him. When he sits back down they asked if he had any contact information he could get so he runs back over to the hotel to grabs some. When he walks back into the church they call him forward once again. While he was at the hotel they had taken up the offering and felt God say to give it to him! Little did they know that morning Taylor had just run out of money and didn't know what he was going to do as far as the next leg of the trip. Praise God! After the service he brings some of the church members and the pastor over to meet us. We were all amazed at the God appointment set right before us! We made plans to minister with the church and it was an instant connection! The church decided to House us and feed us. We were divided into different house's of families from the church. I was in the Pastor's house with 4 other team members. They fed us so well 3 times a day, gave up there beds for us to sleep in, and really brought us into there families. Before this time we had not been so welled received by any one else. That week we ministered with the youth doing treasure hunts in the streets, had services, and home groups. On the day we went treasure hunting with the youth our group was not having much luck and everyone we approached turned us away, but before we went out we had prayed for clues and as we followed the clues they lead us to these three homeless drunks. We stopped to talk with them. As we talked and explained how God had brought us to them walls began to break down and we asked if we could pray with them. As we prayed and heard some of there stories God began to break into their hearts even more. We found out that Marcelo, used to be a worship leader in a church and was a man walking with God until his wife and son died and he began to drink. We sat in the cold on this street for probably 45 minutes to an hour with them. They were all weeping by the end and said they wanted to re-commit their lives to Jesus and said they would start attending the church. Amazed at all God was doing through us and them as we worked together God showed up. This truly was a divine appointment. Revival is coming to the south and that church is going to be where God will start. I know those are big words, but when you see true humility and true hunger like those people had you know the presence of God will continue to poor out in big ways. Grace and Peace church truly are readying themselves for an incredible out pouring! After a week we felt it was time to move on so We got a bus heading to Usuhaia. A very Hard Good-bye, but we all felt we would be reunited with this church in the future.


  1. I remember it, was a good time, and I know that it will repeat soon, I don't know how but I know that it will. God bless you with all his love and all his fire. He'll never left you.

  2. Thank you God for taking such good care of our children!