Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Argentina Once again! Leaving Chile for good this time entering into Argentina for the 9th and hopefully last time this trip! We have no contacts, but are expectant on God to provide. Two days of travel to get to our destination in Buenas Aires. One of those nights we crammed into a few rooms at a trucker motel, another days drive away from the city. The next day was spent all day driving and working out contacts. We had somewhat of a contact through YWAM, but with a lot of miscommunication and confusion it didn't work out and became very lost in a not so great area of Buenas Aires. With no hope of anywhere to stay for the night and the team really struggling financially we didn't have the money to put ourselves up in a hostel in the area because they are more expensive than anywhere else we have been. With no clue where we were and the time was going on two in the morning we find an alley with a big patch of grass surrounded by trees. We decide to set up camp there for the night and asked a neighbor if it was alright, he was skeptical at first, but then told us it was fine. All the boys slept in between our two giant blue tarps, some of the girls slept in the vehicles, some on top of the vehicles, and me and two others set up a tent. All of us very exhausted from the 15 hour day of driving it didn't take long to fall fast asleep. That morning we woke up to the sound of to men talking very loudly in Spanish. I sat up in my tent to see what all the commotion was about. Two cops were standing over the the boys asking who they were, what they were doing, and who said they could sleep there. The only two that woke up from the noise were two that do not speak very much Spanish! Finally David one of our Colombians who speaks Spanish woke up and explained to the cops who we were and why we were there. The cops were so confused asking us if we were stupid. Telling us that this was a horrible area and we could have been robbed or killed especially because we were foreigners. We told the cops we would be leaving soon and for them not to worry. They left us laughing at our ignorance so we all laughed, what else are you going to do in that situation? Before leaving two of our team members went to go pray for the neighbor that gave us the okay to stay there. He wasn't there, but his wife answered the door and allowed them to pray for her and her husband who happened to be very sick. She was extremely touched and walked away with tears in her eyes. Stinky and dirty we got up to try and get ready for the day (using the bathroom where ever we could do so without being seen). We decided since we were in the area we should just go to Claudio Freizdon's (an extremely well known revivalist in South America) church in the city. We were very excited because this would be one of the first churches to visit where we didn't have to do the service in 9 months, we could just receive. After grabbing some food at a local mall, using there wifi and bathrooms to get directions and brush our teeth. We leave for Rey De Rey igleasia (King of Kings Church). We arrived after the first service had already started so some people went to go sit in a cafe others just hung out in the RV while me and the rest went to sit in the service. Claudio's son-in-Law, Chad, from Canada, was speaking so we were able to understand most of his message. After the service me Ben and Taylor went up for prayer when he got to us he began to pray in Spanish so Taylor asked him to pray in English. Surprised, he asked where we were from and we told him we were missionaries with Iris Ministries and he prayed, blessed us, and told us Claudio was speaking the next service so we had to stay (apparently he is not there very often). Well one of the girls on our team had been contacting this church and had a friend who works there. So she got us a seat in the 3rd row from the front of this giant mega church with little headsets to translate so we could all understand what was being said, that in itself was such a blessing! A few minutes after Claudio had been preaching he looks to us and says “do the Iris Team of Missionaries want prayer?” We all shout “YES!” and he calls us down front. We stand in a row and he begins to bless us and everything we are doing. Then he says “I am going to pray over you the same anointing and mantel I received 20 years ago.” With that he started laying hands on us going down the line. Almost everyone fell out in the spirit. He said “receive in Jesus name” and with that he told us all to sit back down. So incredibly blessed we sat through the rest of the service in amazment. The one contact we had wanted us to work with the church and we told her we would be more than happy to, but we needed somewhere to stay we could camp outside, but in the city that is not realistic with our giant American vehicles. They told us of a hostel that was only $20 dollars a night, but most of the team does not have that kind of money. So we said we would find 10 people that could pay that and the rest of us would sleep in the vehicles. They found out we had slept on the side of the road the night before and really wanted to help us so we didn't have to sleep out in the cold again. Maybe we were just naive, but everyone seemed really concerned with our well being, as far as sleeping outside in the city. They leave to talk and come back and had decided to put all of us up in the hostel they had made reservations for, but by the time we get to the hostel they hadn't kept the reservation. So they put us up in a different hotel. We told them they didn't have to we were more than happy to sleep in the vehicles. However, they told us they wanted to put us up so we graciously accepted it. The hotel we stayed in was one of the nicest hotels, to be honest, I have ever been in, in my life. Easily $100 dollars per person a night and they put us up for 2 nights allowing us to come to there homeless ministry during the day to feed us. And we willingly helped out with the ministry doing whatever they asked of us. That is where I met 2 of the sweetest men ever, Roger and Michael. I sat and talked with them for hours. They asked me and 2 other girls to share our testimony with them and so we did. They listened intently and had so much input, Truly some of the wisest men I have ever met. They were such beautiful people and knew more about respect and honor than most. We prayed with them then had to leave to have a meeting with Chad. One of the nights in the Hotel me and the girls in my room felt were should spend the night praying for direction for the team and Argentina. What started out as us just praying for our family turned into full on intersession with repenting, crying out for team members, and for Argentina. God really showed up and it was a very sweet time. That next day we didn't know where we were supposed to go or do... Everyone was feeling a lot of pressure and confusion. In the end we decided to Go and stay at a YMCA someone had found and contacted because it was out of the city, and those of us that wanted to rest could and those of us that wanted still do ministry in the city could. A lot of time there was spent together as a family worshiping, praying for each other and talking about what was to come next as far as Uruguay. Over all the time was not waited, we were able to rest, reconnect, and do our own forms of ministry. While there we visited La Boca, Argentina, known as the Tango capital of Argentina. It was a beautiful city with Tango dancers in the streets you can watch and take pictures with, colorful buildings, and lots of beautiful art. One of our girls, Liney, saw some kids on a field trip with there school and she asked the teacher if she could have 5 mins to talk to the kids. The teacher agreed and Liney began to preach and talk to them about God and there destinies. The teacher said “okay that is enough” and Liney said no 2 more minutes and she began to pray over them and lay hands on them before the teacher could get them back in there line and walk off. We spent the day walking around the city ministering and site seeing. Because we took public transport it took 2 hours to get there and almost 3 hours to get home by train and bus. By the end of the day were were exhausted, but somethings are worth it! God has been doing so much in my heart these last few months I can't wait to be able to get my thoughts collected enough to write about it all. I am so honored to have all of you praying for me and keeping in touch with me! Please let me know if there is anything I should be writing more about or what you want to hear. Also I really would love to hear from all of you as far as what is going on in your lives. Keep me updated so I know how to pray for you! Blessings, Rachael Michelle P.S. Pictures coming soon I haven't gotten them uploaded yet.

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