Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Pop-Up.

Lately God has been really teaching me about Humility and meekness. True Sacrifice, In Philippians 1:4 the last part says “Regard oneself as less important than on another. I have been meditating on this verse a lot and to truly live like this verse everyday takes a lot of dying to self. However, at the same time being confident with a boldness that can only reflect the kingdom of Heaven. Because you are walking as sons and daughters of the Most High God. God's end time army is going to look like this so sure, but so humble. Christianity is a beautiful paradox, but one thing that is always the same is Love. It may come in different packages, but itself never changes. The Church needs to return to the pure love of Jesus and not only looking like Him, but walking with Him. I think by the way we act some times we take for granted what Jesus did on the cross and that He is alive and well today! You know the Christianese saying “if Jesus was in the room you wouldn't, be doing that.” Well Clue... He is in the room because He lives inside of all of us. We literally breathe Him every second. Unity in all this is so important. And you better believe satan is going to do his very best to tare all of that down. This is very much evident with our team and living the way we do. After arriving in Santiago, Chile we were very tired after a long several day drive through the desert and coast. In Tacna Peru, the city we stayed in before heading to Chile (Where we were incredibly blessed by a visit by Amy Lancaster and let us stay and rest at her ministry and bless us so much). We had decided as a team That we would were going to give a way one of our pop-ups (a trailer that opens into a house. We store a lot of the luggage in it). Well because they are registered with license plates we couldn't just leave it. So we take the pop-up with us and ask God to give us a place to leave it. About an hour down the road in the desert we see a very desolate sad truck stop. Really completely in the middle of no where's land. We pull over and knock on the door of this little shack. Out walks this older woman and Jesse asks if she wants a Pop-up. She starts yelling for her husband and crying. She runs out to see the pop-up with tears running down her face she says I have been praying for a year for one of these. I saw one pass about a year ago and I sad “God is going to give me one of those so I started praying for one. Our house has started to fall apart and we need something to keep us out of the rain!” Much to our surprise we all got very excited! And praised God. We just thought we were going to dump this trailer somewhere, but God had a different plan! That was just the beginning of our adventure in Chile! Remember you never know when God is going to use you to be the answer to someone's prayers. Thank you all so much for the support, Love, and Prayers. Rachael Michelle

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