Sunday, 18 December 2011


So many of you got the email from my mom about praying for me and a few of my team members because we felt the call to cross the Darien gap. Going to all the unreached people groups and possibly encountering the Gorillas (rebel gang), but that is not even the worst part. The jungle is so thick and coming to the end of rainy season would just make it a lot worse. No one has crossed the Darien in a long time because of the rebel groups and other dangers. However, me and 3 others felt the call to go no matter what. The people in that area have to be reached. We had a lot of conflict and a strain was put on the unity our team carries. So we met and talked about it. The majority of the team feels it is the wrong time for us to go. Some of us disagree, but out of the respect of the team and wanting to honor them we are not going at this time. We still feel the call and the intense burden to reach these people and to plow the ground for future teams to go in, but we also feel some grace in staying. some feel more grace than others.... But I know God is stilled honored that we were willing to say yes to the call and are still very willing to go if He provides a way!

Me and my brother Breck are still praying about hitting the Colombia side of the Darien once the whole team actually gets into Colombia. which is a process in itself!

As you may have realized we are still in Panama. But God has given an amazing house to stay in as opposed to sleeping on pews and on the floor of a church far away from everything. The house is owned by a family who has a surfing ministry and built a house for surfers to come and stay and be ministered to. The house is so nice! Hot water, Wifi, Beds, ping-pong table, and a big kitchen. We feel so so so blessed as we wait for God to open a door for us to get to Colombia. Which has been a huge process.

I don't have time right now, but I will update you soon on all the incredibly amazing things God has been doing here! SO many healings and just amazing things!

Please keep me and my team family in your prayers through the Holidays as we are all missing our families, but finding community with each other!

Hope you all have amazing Holidays and I miss you all so much! Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

LOve and many blessings,
Rachael Michelle

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