Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Leaving for Ecuador

Hello everyone! I wish this was a real update. However, my computer with my really good and long update already written has decided to not turn on anymore! Please pray for I am very much frustrated by it.
Well we are still in Colombia, but probably only until tomorrow or the next day. Over Flow, our suburban, was in a little bit of an accident so that and a few other things that are broken in the other vehicles are being fixed that is the only thing keeping us where we are at this point. Colombia has been amazing! God is so Good and has provided so much for us! Another donation of about $600.00 dollars was given to the team. We are so blessed with all the free housing and food we have been receiving and God just wants to lavish even more of His favor on us. The team is growing a lot. We are now about 30 people more or less we still have one more person joining and a few others leaving....
Thank you for all your prayers and support they are surely needed and mean so much! I will try and get my computer up and working again in order to post a real update very soon!

Love, Rachael Michelle

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