Monday, 26 September 2011

How to Support me!

I have had some people ask so I wanted to write a blog to let everyone know how they can support me.
First of all Prayer! I really need people who will be willing to walk with me and commit to praying for me in this season!
Second is financially. I will be needing a minimum of $700 to be able to stay and go where God leads. I have no doubt He will provide every last bit. However I know He will provide in many different ways and it may be through some of you. So if you feel like God is leading you to donate to me through finances there are many different ways you can do so.

1. You can just send money to my home address where my mom will be able to put it into my bank account. 1306 Robin Hill Rd Franklin TN 37064

2. You can Donate through paypal Here!

3. If you would like a Tax deductible option Checks can be made out to Miraculous Love Ministries P.O.Box 1543 Franklin TN 37064 (please do not put my name in the memo the checks will not be able to be be cashed.) You can also go to Miraculous Love website at Where there will be a donatate button at the bottom of my Bio. (if you choose this option remember that 10% of your donation will be taken out of the amount.For example with a donation of $100 I would be getting $90 of that.)

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